The Long Island Studio of Music is extremely grateful to all of its donors and supporters of music education.  

We would like to especially thank all those listed below, as well as all of the many anonymous donors.  

Please contact The Long Island Studio of Music if you would like to make a donation to the school or to support a student with a need or talent-based scholarship.

Emmanuel Von Arx
Kenneth Toohey
Fauci Family
Deternova Family
Christopher Broker
Kathleen Barsamian & Harry Radinsky
Rebecca Radinsky MacLean
Karen Faust Baer
Bonnie and Ken Lawlor
Gabriel Beck
Angela Escobar

Carrie & Michael Paul Krubitzer
Brittany Catalano
Suzanna Samuelson
Becky Lasky
Jorge and Susan Lopez
Martin Alexander
Teresa Janiewski
Peter Szep
Caitlin Timken
Herb Lentz & Patrick Barnum
Dr. Sherry Overholt

Keith Dubon
Regina Barton
Malinda Haslett
Georgia Smalios
Roseanne Saraceno
Michael Munoz
Michael Bragg
Tricia & Scott Taylor
Chris & Allyson Meyers
Angela Verdone
Amanda Woodrow